Technical Information


Executive Director
John A. “Casey” Wells

Administrative Assistant
Brighid O’Brien

Box Office Manager
Ann Noble

Operations Manager
Barry Copple

I.A.T.S.E. Business Agent
Tom Catalde

Coordinator of Publicity, Promotions and Special Events
Dawn M. Betza

Director Of Finance & Administration
Charles Iverson

House Security
Dan Spizarny


View the 2018 Warner Theatre Operating Policy [PDF]

Physical Specs

Permanent seats: 2,196
Portable & Pit: 64
Total seats: 2,260

Type: Proscenium
Size: 70′ wide x 32′ 10″ deep
Height: 32′ GRD Height 69′
Wing Space: SR 12′ SL 10′
Barricade: Orchestra seats


No house console available

Road Console:
Located in rear center of house
Level 20’W 10’D
Cable run from stage is 110′
No tie-in into house system with XLR connectors

Public address system only

Intercom system: 1 dryline from spot booth to stage
Hearing impaired: FM hearing impaired system, no dressing room page available.

Electrical power

Panel Phase Amp Circuit protection Location
A 3 600 fuse DSR
B* 3 100 fuse *drawn off panel A DSR proscenium wall
C 3 150 fuse DSL proscenium wall
Position Pipe Width Distance
to Prosc.
House Circuits Connector type F.O.H. transfer circuits
1st balc rail 60′ 75′ 0
Box boom 1 60′ 2 grd 20 amp stage pin 0
Equipment — F.O.H.
(box boom values are per side)
Position Quality Wattage Instrument Removable
Box boom
(house right)
4 1,000 Berkleys Yes
Box boom
(house left)
4 1,000 Berkleys Yes
House followspots: 4 Xenon Supertroupers

1 booth(s) with a maximum of
4 spot(s)
125′ throw to proscenium

Booth power: 4 single phase, 30 amp breakers

Fly system

House curtain
Operates as guillotine from: SR deck
House curtain works from: Stage right
House curtain pull: Manual
Color of curtain: Black

Rigging system
Type: Single purchase counter weight, 400′ of hemp available
Weight: 7,000 lbs available, floor to beam 69′
Line Sets: 37 sets at 3-6″ o.c. with 5 lift lines/set, beam access is ladder
Arbors: 700 lb. capacity, 1500 CBS P/pipe max
Arbor Height: 10′, flying type: T-bar counterweight 37 sets
House Pipes: 60′ long with 60′ of travel from deck, location of pin rail or belaying rails is stage right
Line sets are moveable, obstructions: orchestra shell, picture screen, electric bridge

Obstructions: Orchestra shell, picture screen, electric bridge


Permanent installations

Over stage: (all dimensions are from smoke pocket)

Electric bridge: 1 at 6’8″
Orchestra Ceilings & Orchestra Wall: 2 at 11’8″, 2 at 18’5″
Movie screen: 1 at 10’8″

On deck:
Trap: 1 in stage door 4’x6′ located USR

Deck to grid: 69′
Proscenium width: 70′
Proscenium height: 32′
Proscenium width with house torms: 60′
Proscenium width with house teaser: 32′
Shape of apron: Straight
Road show lag bolt into deck: Yes

Orchestra pit: Non-adjustable (4′ below stage level)

Curtain line to the first available line set or first line set that can be stripped of its goods and made available: 8′
First set to the backwall: 1′
Available sets D.S. of the house curtain: 0
Center line to S.L.: 35′
Center line to S.R.: 35′
Stage floor: Tongue & groove hardwood
Floor support structure: Wood laid over concrete


Masking (curtains)

Legs (side, vertical masking drapes)
Number necessary to mask stage: 3
Number available: 4
Hanging dimensions: 30 x 17
Color: Black
Condition: New in 2008
Permanently hung: No

Borders or teasers (overhead, horizontal masking drapes)
Number necessary to mask stage: 2
Number available: 2
Hanging dimensions: 15 x 65
Color: Black
Condition: New
Permanently hung: No

Lighting system

Control board
Brand name: Major
Manual board
Number of presets: None

Power source
Company switch for tying in boards: No
Three phase or single phase: Three phase
Amperage per leg: 600 amps
Located in relation to stage: Stage right
Electrician to tie to source: Yes

Lighting equipment

Strip lights
Number of sections: 3
Wattage of each lamp: 300 watts
Length of sections: 60′
Permanently hung: Yes
Number of circuits in each section: 3

Parking and loading

Loading door: 6′ x 10.5″ high x 4′ 6.5″ wide
Trucks: (2) at same time; back to back
Loading dock: Loading door sill is street level
Distance to stage: 45′
Surface: Concrete


Medical information

Emergency: Dial 911
Hospital: UMPC Hamot, 201 State Street, Erie, PA 16550 814-877-6000
Specialty medical services available upon request


General Information

Number of dressing rooms: 11
Number of private bathrooms: 6
Air conditioning: Yes, auditorium only
In-house concessionaire: Yes
Pyro laws permitted: Yes, if approved by the Fire Department
Building curfew: None

Phones: 4 lines available and 1 fax
Local caterer: available
Hotel: Sheraton Hotel 814-454-2005
Limousine service: available
Florist or plant rental: available
Furniture rental house: available
Piano tuner: available
Copy machine: available in the administrative office

In-house box office hours: Monday–Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. & Saturday 10 a.m to 2 p.m.
Memorial Day thru Labor Day: Monday–Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

In-house ticketing,